Gather 4 Him Christian College Academics
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Gather 4 Him Christian College is committed to academic excellence throughout the scope and sequence of the program. Students are expected to “rise to the occasion” in all academic endeavors, and our professors are there to help. This means completing reading and homework assignments on time, understanding the coursework, asking questions, exploring through independent research, gaining competence in the mathematics, sciences, and writing at the college level. Learning is maximized when these are accomplished. Our goal is a seamless transition for our students to other institutions of higher learning, both public and private.

G4HCC graduates are educated to think about life’s most important issues with clarity, wisdom, and a deep understanding of the foundational commitments of the historic Christian faith. They are agents of G4HCC who live faithfully into their vocations.


Communication Skills (9)

  • EN 123 College Writing 1 (3)
  • EN 132 College Writing 2 (3)
  • CO 102 Fundamentals of Speech (3)

Quantitative Skills (3)

  • MA 107 Math in Society (3)

Human Performance (2)

  • HP 121FC Fitness and Conditioning (1)
  • HP 131TS Team Sports (1)

Humanities (12)

  • ID 114 American Tho’t & Culture 1 (3)
  • ID 124 American Tho’t & Culture 2 (3)
  • ID 214 World Tho’t and Culture 1 (3)
  • ID 224 World Tho’t & Culture 2 (3)

Social Science (12) select 4 of 5 disciplines

  • PS 203 General Psychology (3)
  • SO 203 General Sociology (3)
  • GH 203 Understanding Church History (3)
  • EC 213 Macro Economics (3)
  • IS 202 Global Perspectives (3)

Math/Science (11) select 1 of 2 math classes

  • MA 146 Intro to Stats (3)
  • MA 113 College Algebra (3)
  • SC 133 Scientific Inquiry: Physical Sciences (3)
  • SC 133L Scientific Inquiry: Physical Sciences Lab (1)
  • SC 143 Scientific Inquiry: Life Science (3)
  • SC 143L Scientific Inquiry: Life Science Lab (1)
  • SC 120 Environmental Science (3)
  • SC 120L Environmental Science Lab (1)

Electives – Biblical Education (Choose from the following for a total of 19 credits)

  • BI 113 Survey of Biblical Lit 1 (3)
  • BI 123 Survey of Biblical Lit 2 (3)
  • BI 283 Life of Christ (3)
  • TH 205 Christian Theology 1 (3)
  • TH 215 Christian Theology 2 (3)
  • MU 202 Intro to Worship Arts (3)
  • BI 202 Bible Study Methods (3)
  • BI 203 Teaching the Bible (3)
  • BA 221 Servant Leadership (3)
  • SS 101 Student Success Seminar (1)
  • CM 201 Ministry Practicum 1 (2)
  • CM 202 Ministry Practicum 2 (3)

Eligible persons using VA Education Benefits may not be certified for CM 201 or CM 202 as part of their degree program.


Communication Skills (9)

CO 102 Fundamentals of Speech (3)

Emphasizes the content, organization and delivery of informative and persuasive speeches. Students receive the instructor’s input on each step in the process of writing and delivering four-types of speeches. Biblical ethos is emphasized.

EN 123, 132 College Writing 1,2 (3,3)

College writing is a year-long required course designed to prepare students to think and write clearly, and to perform undergraduate level research. EN123 is a prerequisite for EN132 and must be taken in sequence.

Quantitative Skills (3)

MA 107 Math in Society (3)

This class is designed for students who have successfully completed intermediate algebra. This course will attempt to make mathematics enjoyable, practical, understandable, and informative using a variety of real-life applications. Topics include: linear, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic models, geometry, tessellations, fractals, logic, interest, annuities, loans, probability, and statistics.

Humanities (12)

ID 114, 124 American Thought & Culture 1,2 (3)

An introductory study of significant developments in American history, literature, religion, philosophy, art, and music. Special attention is given to important people and movements that both shaped and were shaped by intellectual and cultural forces in America’s past. The first semester will cover events up to the Civil War era (1875); the second semester from the post-Civil War era to the present. Content in the ID114, 124 course sequence is approximately: 40% American history (worth 3.20 semester credits), 35% American Literature (2.80 credits), 10% philosophy (0.80), and 5% (0.40) each geography, music, and art, (Fall, Spring)

ID 214, 224 World Thought & Culture 1, 2 (3)

This comprehensive year-long course provides a framework for understanding Western civilization, its intellectual and cultural lineage, weaknesses as well as strengths. Its roots are broader than often supposed including ancient Hebrew and Egyptian civilizations, influenced by African and Eastern thought. Such an understanding will then enable students to explore other cultures, especially those of the 20th century. The first semester will cover events from the beginnings to the Renaissance; the second semester from the Renaissance to the present. Content is the ID214, 224 course sequence is approximately: 30% world history (worth 2.40 credits), 10% (0.80) each geography, philosophy, music, and art. (Fall, Spring)

Social Science (12) select 4 of 5 courses

PS 203 General Psychology (3)

An introduction to the important topics in the field, such as behavior, motivation, attitudes, problems of motivation, intelligence and its measurement, learning and remembering, and personality.

SO 203 General Sociology (3)

Introduction to basic sociological concepts concerning the individual, culture, and group life.

GH 203 Understanding Church History (3)

The course will take an in depth look at a global resurgence of Roman Catholicism and some of the changes occurring in the Islamic world. In addition, the course will examine the decline of Christianity in the West, coupled with the rapid growth of evangelical and Pentecostal Christianity in the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres.

EC 213 Macro Economics (3)

A study of economy as a whole. The focus is on aggregates such as the private and the public sectors. Topics explored are inflation, unemployment, monetary and fiscal policy.

IS 202 Global Perspectives (3)

A survey of the biblical basis for missions. Special emphasis is given to cultural barriers in the communication process. Lessons are taken from the history of missions to develop contemporary strategies of present-day missions.

Math/Science (11)

MA 113 College Algebra (3)

An algebra course with emphasis on practical applications. However, to get to these applications, certain branches of algebraic theory must first be conquered. These areas include properties of the real numbers, linear equations and their solutions, functions, and graphs, polynomial and exponential functions, and conic sections.


MA 146 Intro to Stats (3)

An introductory statistics course designed for students of average mathematical ability. The collection of data and its representation are studied through sampling techniques and graphs, while the analysis of the data is done through measures of central tendency, measures of variability, correlation, and hypothesis testing.

SC 133 Scientific Inquiry: Physical Sciences (3)

Scientific Inquiry: This course focuses on the nature and practices of science. The course also presents the history and context for the development of understanding of astronomy, physics, and chemistry through studies of selected topics. Energy is a unifying theme of these topics. Concurrent enrollment in SC133L is required.

SC 133L Scientific Inquiry: Physical Sciences Lab (1)

Students will complete 12 laboratory experiments investigating the physical sciences. The experiments will emphasize the application of the scientific method. Concurrent enrollment in SC133 is required. Lab fee: $50.

SC 143 Scientific Inquiry: Life Sciences (3)

Scientific Inquiry: Life Sciences students will apply scientific methodology and problem solving in the study of biological concepts. The course examines the origin of life, the classification of life, the characteristics of life, cellular processes, body systems, genetics and the omnipotence of God, the Creator. Concurrent enrollment in SC143L is required.

SC 143L Scientific Inquiry: Life Sciences Lab (1)

Students will conduct laboratory investigations and activities utilizing scientific methodology. Concurrent enrollment in SC143 is required. Lab fee: $50.

SC 120 Environmental Science (3)

This course focuses on the study of the Earth as an interconnected living system. This course provides basic scientific knowledge and understanding of how our world works from an environmental perspective. It will explore the causes, consequences and possible solutions to both local and global environmental issues. Students will learn to address and interpret major environmental issues of our time in light of scripture. Topics covered include, but are not limited to general issues on the environment, human population growth, water resources and management, water pollution, hazardous chemicals, air pollution and climate change, energy resources, and sustainability. Concurrent enrollment in SC 120L is required. There are no prerequisites.

SC 120L Environmental Science Lab (1)

Lab fee: $50 Concurrent enrollment in SC 120 is required.

Human Performance (2)

HP 121FC Fitness and Conditioning (1)

A variety of fitness-orientated activities taught for student’s physiological, educational, social, and recreational values. Daily physical activity is performed and exercise physiology concepts are taught. This fulfills the fitness-oriented activity credit for graduation. Courses may be repeated for credit.

HP 131 TS Team Sports (1)

A variety of skill-orientated activities taught for physiological, educational, social, and recreational value. Daily physical activity is required which will include skill development and game situations. The conceptual understanding of the game will include rules, strategies, terminology, and history. Courses may be repeated for credit.

Electives – Biblical Education (Choose from the following for a total of 19 credits)

BI 113, 123 Survey Biblical Lit 1,2 (3)

This survey is an overview of the Old Testament and New Testament books with an emphasis upon orienting the student to the general content, themes and style of each book and how they relate to the major people, places and events of the Testaments. Integration into our contemporary scene and personal application are stressed.

TH 205, 215 Christian Theology 1,2 (3)

An advanced study of Christian doctrine which gives students an overall system of theology. It is a study of bibliography, theology proper, Christology, pneumatology, anthropology, hamartiology, soteriology, angelology, ecclesiology, and eschatology

BI 283 Life of Christ (3)

Life of Christ includes a harmony of the Gospels and a careful study of the incarnate life of Christ as recorded in the Gospels. The course also sets the historic and geographic stage for the advent of Christ and familiarizes students with the political and religious atmosphere in which He lived.

An introduction to the principles of the inductive method approach to studying the Bible, the development of techniques, utilization of tools, and the employment of various methods such as synthesis and analysis. The principles of interpreting Scripture are presented.

BI 203 Teaching the Bible (3)

A study of the principles underlying successful contemporary Bible teaching. Methods of learning, teaching techniques, preparation of lesson plans, and application of lessons to various age groups are considered.

MU 202 Intro to Worship Arts (3)

This is a study of biblical, historical and cultural aspects of worship, enabling students to develop a broader understanding of worship. Field trips will be taken to explore different church worship traditions and philosophies and how they have developed historically.

BA 221 Servant Leadership (3)

The Servant Leadership class will examine a leadership style equivalent to how Christ would lead and will compare that to the traditional model of top-down, unilateral decision-making, hierarchical leadership based on power, wealth and status.

SS 101 Student Success Seminar (1)

The objective of this course is to give an early introduction to the expectations and challenges of college life and to the academic, social, and procedural system of the higher education system.

CM 201 Ministry Practicum 1 (2)

The objective of this practicum is to allow the student a more active leadership role in a local church and/or community. Prerequisite: SS 101.

CM 202 Ministry Practicum 2 (3)

In this final practicum the student should be well established in a church or community organization. This experience will provide an opportunity for the student to develop a specific area of interest expressed in a final paper while involved in the practicum. Prerequisite: CM 201.

Track System

Track 1

FALL ID 214 World Thought & Culture 1 (3)
EN 123 College Writing 1 (3)
MA 107 Math in Society (3)
GH 203 Understanding Church History (3)
BI 202 Bible Study Methods (3)
SO 203 General Sociology (3)
SS 101 Student Success (1)
SPRING ID 224 World Thought & Culture 2 (3)
EN 132 College Writing 2 (3)
MA 146 Intro to Stats (3)
BI 383 Life of Christ (3)
PS 203 General Psychology (3)
SC 143/143L Scientific Inquiry: Life Sciences w/ Lab (4)
CM 201 Ministry Practicum 1 (2)


Track 2

FALL ID 114 American Thought & Culture 1 (3)
TH 205 Christian Theology 1 (3)
MA 113 College Algebra (3)
BI 113 Survey of Biblical Literature 1 (3)
HP 121 FC Fitness & Conditioning (1)
SC 120/120L Environmental Sciences w/ Lab (4)
CM 202 Ministry Practicum 2 (3)
SPRING ID 124 American Thought & Culture 1 (3)
TH 215 Christian Theology 2 (3)
MA 113 College Algebra (3)
EC 213 Macro Economics (3)
BI 123 Survey of Biblical Literature 2 (3)
HP 131 TS Team Sports (1)
CO 102 Fundamentals of Speech (3)
Optional Courses
BA 221 Servant Leadership (3)
IS 202 Global Perspectives (3)
BI 203 Teaching the Bible (3)
MU 202 Intro to Worship Arts (3)
Introductory Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
SC 133/133L Scientific Inquiry: Physical Sciences w/Lab (4)


Students participate in a missions trip outside the Tri-City area in response to God’s call to “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). Our mission experiences involve serving, building, preaching, outreach, and instill in students an appreciation for people in other areas of the world. Participation in a missions trip gives students the opportunity to touch the lives of many hurting people and gives the Holy Spirit the opportunity to work in their lives. In addition, students attend at least one conference focusing on leadership training.



Every day students are required to have daily devotions, which include the reading of scripture, prayer and worship. During that time, students are required to journal and hold each other mutually accountable to live a Christ-centered lifestyle by not conforming any longer to the patterns of this world, but by being transformed by the renewing of their mind (Rom. 12:2). Our ultimate goal is for students to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ and be encouraged to serve their Lord and Savior with all their heart, mind and soul (Matt. 22:37).


Gather 4 Him Christian College has transfer agreements with the following colleges:

Students who go to G4HCC and transfer to one of the seven institutions listed above will receive Junior standing.