Student Life at Gather 4 Him Christian College
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Student Life at Gather 4 Him


G4HCC begins the year with an action packed, exciting first week of school! We host a worship night, dynamic team building day, and college prep day where students are given essential tools for a successful college experience.



During the week we spend time learning about the importance of devotions. Students also have the opportunity to pray for one another and share what God has been doing in their lives.



Every Friday G4HCC students come together and engage in a variety of activities such as team building, service projects, sharing personal life experiences, listening to guest speakers, pastors, and worship. Worship is led by G4HCC students.


Leadership Conference

G4HCC students attend a leadership conference each year such as Catalyst West Coast in Irvine, California, The WKND Conference at The City Church in Kirkland or Generation Unleashed Conference in Portland, Oregon. These weekends are packed with life changing experiences.


Student Events

There are many student events that happen throughout the school year and they are a blast! From holiday parties to hang out nights, G4HCC students always have something fun to do together!


Student Services

The size of our college gives us the opportunity to serve the students with one-on-one guidance in their academic and career goals. Also, pre-college level courses are offered in Math & Writing.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Student Life please contact Alexis Stalberger at 509-420-4545 or email,

Student Policies

Because a major purpose of the College is to promote personal growth, G4HCC seeks to provide the instruction and atmosphere essential to the development of spiritual maturity.

It is our hope that the motivating force of all our actions is the love of God, rather than the desire to please people or the fear of punishment (Colossians 3:23). Thus motivated, you will express the highest standards of conduct in all your relationships. Your love for truth will lead you to avoid all forms of lying, deceitfulness and cheating. You will respect law and authority in general as well as the government and its officials. You will obey them when consistent with Scripture and perform the duties of a good citizen. You should manifest allegiance to the Body of Christ by faithful attendance at the services of a local church and by participation in its ministries. Your respect for the property of others will restrain you from stealing and from careless or reckless use of others’ possessions. A sense of dignity of human life will prevent you not only from willfully or carelessly causing harm to another, but also from destroying the reputation of another through malicious gossip. You will observe the Scriptural injunctions of love, obedience, and fidelity at all times. You will show proper respect for your body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, by abstaining from immorality and practices harmful to the body. This respect will extend to your attitude toward the treatment of other persons.


In questions of doubtful activities, certain broad scriptural principles are useful for guiding conduct. First of all, as a Christian you will consider that the rights of others are more important than your own; you will realize that inner righteousness surpasses any external law or constraint and that your scale of values emphasizes the positive good rather than a mere abstinence from evil; and you will govern your actions and do what leads to peace, what edifies others, and what glorifies God (Romans 14:19).


In light of scriptural principles, G4HCC expects its faculty, staff and student body to refrain from certain practices in contemporary culture which are offensive to the weak Christian conscience. The College also expects that in matters of entertainment its faculty, staff and students will exercise discretion and restraint in all choices.