Gather 4 Him Christian College Scholarships
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Student Scholarship Information

Scholarship-Tuition Assistance Application

Scholarship Guidelines


The scholarship deadline for the 2020-2021 school year – August 15th 

In order to qualify for a scholarship, please print and fill out the Scholarship Application and Tuition Assistance Application located above. Reach through all of the Scholarship Application requirements and make sure to complete all requirements listed.

Below is a list of scholarships offered at G4HCC.


  • Gather 4 Him Commitment Scholarship [Due with Application & updated each Semester]

Fill out FAFSA. Go to and click on Start a New FAFSA – if you’ve never filled one out before. If you have, then log in. Fill all of this information out. When it asks for a college or university, put the university you are interested in attending after G4HCC. If you are undecided, pick Corban University. Print off the last page titled Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and turn that in with Scholarship Application.


  • Maintaining Scholarship Eligibility

Any student receiving partial or full scholarships must maintain a 2.5 GPA, abide by the attendance policy set by the school, and commit to fulfilling a two-year degree at G4HCC. The student will be responsible for reimbursing Gather 4 Him Christian College for the full awarded amount if they do not fulfill the two-year commitment.

A written career plan (if you are reapplying we ask that you update it each semester to show the progress you’ve made in maintaining and achieving your goals).

  • Visit Scholarship: Receive $100 towards your G4HCC tuition for visiting.
  • Matching Church Funds: G4HCC will match church funds up to $500 per semester. [Due three (3) weeks before classes begin.]
  • Christian School Scholarship: Receive $300 towards your G4HCC tuition for a transcript from a Christian High School.
  • Brown Family Foundation [Due March 15th]. Go to 3.0 GPA required
  • Gatherer Family Foundation Scholarship: Check for availability.
  • Korean Presbyterian Church Scholarship: Check for availability.
  • Monteith Insurance Scholarship: Check for availability.
  • Pasco Machine Company Scholarship: Check for availability.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Check for availability.
  • Young Life Scholarship: Check for availability.
  • Tri-City and Surrounding Area High School Graduate Scholarship: 1 academic year, $1500, must meet G4HCC admissions criteria


Scholarships require essays, character references, tax forms, transcripts and/or church responses. PLAN ahead so you can get everything in by the required due date.



Contact Morgan Miller: (509) 420-4545 or