Future Home of the Gather 4 Him Christian College

Upcoming Events

  • Our 2020 graduation will take place on Saturday, May 2 @10am @ Central Church (CUP) 1124 Stevens Dr. Richland, WA 99354...

  • March 9 & 10, Gather4Him is going to be taking over 6 main radio stations. We are excited for this opportunity to tell more people about us and also have people get their fingerprints on what G4HCC is doing. Our goal is to become more......

Services for Students

Equipping students with a fresh set of skills to help them define who they are and where they plan to head in life.

Lean in, Speak out

Let your voice be heard; and through your voice, the Lord’s voice be heard.

Welcome to Campus

With a new location and new campus, we invite you to grow with us and excel.

“Teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I believe in your commandments.”

~ Psalm 119:66


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Incredible Instructors

Motivating and equipping college students for Christ-centered service in the church and community.
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